A Touch Elemental

A Touch Elemental Series features an FMC who is a down on her luck single mother who finds herself in a sticky situation.

Crescent Moon Manor

Book 1

Being a single mother is hard, especially when all your family is dead. After a reckless night of drinking and a pity party for one, I may have taken a few sexy men to bed.

Seven years later, after losing my job and our house, I found a job advertised in a local paper for a live-in cleaner. Everything was going perfectly, until strange incidents started happening around the manor. My daughter is experiencing distressing symptoms, unlike anything I have seen before. Trying to juggle my daughter, the job, and the men that live in the manor, I truly believe I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


Crescent Moon Castle

Book 2

Blurb reveal coming soon

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Book 3

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